Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bucket List Accomplishments

1. Travel across the country - I was able to take a trip across the country with my family in 2005 and another trip with friends in 2006

1. The Tennessee River in Chattanooga 2. The midpoint of Route 66 in Adrian, TX

3. Singing in "Santa Fe" :) 4. Watching the sun set in Carmel

2. See a show on Broadway - so far I have seen Rent, Chicago, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, and Wicked

We had 5th row seats for Beauty and the Beast :)

3. Attend a Premiere - This is technically an incomplete accomplishment because Kristin and I didn't actually see the movie but we did manage to sneak into the After Party and meet the celebrities so it counts :)

We got to meet all the kids. Here we are with Georgie and William.


marie said...

I'd say the after party was what counted the can see the movie (almost) anywhere!

I've seen one show on Broadway ~ it was called "SeeSaw" and I saw it in 1974. How old were you then......?