Thursday, August 28, 2008

Things to do before I die

Note: I lost the original list that I wrote so I am just posting a sample of what I want to do while I work on re-writing my complete list.

1. Visit Europe
2. Own a wardrobe
3. Learn a second language (does not include British)
4. Go parasailing
5. Find buried treasure

6. Write a book
7. Capture lightning (in a photograph)
8. Learn to play an insturment (again)
9. Go on a Dorks in Forks trip
10. Discover my hidden talent
11. Have a Library Room - I have already started collecting books for when I do have a library. Old books are my favorite.


marie said...

I think there's buried treasure in my garage somewhere...maybe you'd like to try and discover it?

I like the beginnings of your "library room". I love old books too!